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Covered angle roll
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TDS : Technical Data Sheet

Covered angle roll : 25m

Reference -0016-25
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The flexible PVC roll allows adjustments and is incorporated into the overlapping fabric surface. Length 25 m.

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Field of application for PVC fabric angle in rolls : 


  • Reinforcement of corners and edges.

Technical data for PVC fabric corner protectors on rolls:

  • Packaging : 25m roll


Material for the PVC canvassed angle in roll : 


  • Perforated rigid PVC, resistant, PVC-U,
  • EGLC 082-05 T33 ( DIN ISO 1163-1)
  • Mesh 165g/m².
  • Color: White 
  • Qualities: Thanks to the flexibility of the angle iron, the angles can vary between 45° and 150°. 

Application for PVC fabric angle in rolls: 


  1. The angle is set according to the specific processing instructions.
  2. Then incorporate the overlapping fabric surface into the layer. 

Advantages for PVC fabric angle iron on a roll: 


  • Reduction of waste 
  • Flexibility of the angle 





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