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Thursday 21 March 2019



The ISODEPORT range is a set of products dedicated to ITE (Thermal Insulation by the Extéireur). The ISODEPORT range is above all products designed and conceived by ITE professionals for ITE professionals.


The range includes several products:


- ISODEPORT RT + : A load offset, ISODEPORT RT+ is a universal medium to heavy load offset (max 165 kg) with thermal bridge failure, with adjustment from 120 to 220 mm. Voir la vidéo


- ISODEPORT Volet : A universal shutter offset (left and right), the fastest assembly on the market, in order to gain in competitiveness. The ISODEPORT Flap is a universal flap offset with thermal break, with adjustment from 130 to 190 mm. Voir la vidéo


- ISODEPORT Kv: A flap offset kit, it includes 2 Marseille stops with dowels, 2 stops one short and one long. The kit includes all the necessary elements to increase productivity on the construction site. The ISODEPORT Kv kit includes the various accessories required for shutter offset.



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