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Window sill ISODEPORT 510

Reference -FBA
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Insulated window sill ETI, consisting of a fireproof expanded polystyrene core and covered with a fireproof acrylic resin. Depth of support : 510 mm

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ITE FBA window sill :


Depth of ITE insulated window sill: 510 mm


Description of the ITE insulating window sill : 


The window sill consists of a core of fireproofed expanded polystyrene and covered with a fireproofed acrylic resin.


Scope of application of the ITE insulating window sill :


Product suitable for installation on new or renovated buildings. 

Suitable for detached houses, collective and tertiary buildings, public buildings (ERP) and industrial buildings. 

This product is compatible with ITE systems.


Advantages of the ITE insulating window sill :


  •    Very light material 
  •    High resistance to weathering 
  •    Very easy to implement.

Precautions of use of the ITE insulating window sill :


The tints of finishing paints whose solar absorption coefficient is higher than 0.070 (luminance lower than 35%) are to be proscribed. 


Delivery: Subject to stock, delivery in 4-7 days, otherwise 15 days waiting.


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