Baustyl Mineral Glue
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Baustyl Mineral Glue

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Baustyl mineral glue is designed for gluing window sills and mouldings. 10kg bucket.

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Product description and technical specifications :


Dry, water-repellent mortar, designed for laying Baustyl products 


Field of application: Specially designed for gluing shelves and windows and mouldings. 


Material: Classified and dried natural sands, carbonates or silica, cement 

                 Additives to improve implementation, adhesion and water repellency


Characteristics; On the technical data sheet 


Packaging: 10 Kg bucket


Storage: In a dry place, away from humidity, can be stored for 9 months 




1. The mixture is mixed with 2.8 to 3.2 litres of water using an electric mixer at a slow speed, until a homogeneous paste is obtained


2. Make sure that the support is clean 


3. When gluing: old paints and coatings must be removed. A glue test must be carried out in accordance with Annex 1 of the technical specifications for the use and application of ITE systems by coating on expanded polystyrene. 


4. The resistance of plasters and coatings made of porcelain stoneware or glass paste must be checked (they must not sound hollow). 

The surfaces must be flat. In the event of a flatness deviation of the support of more than 5mm below the 2m rule, a dressing plaster must be applied in accordance with NF DTU 26.1.


5. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours. Using a chalk line, mark the location of the profile on the facade. 


Technical standard and document


C2TE adhesive according to DIN EN 12004 


Delivery: Subject to stock, delivery in 4-7 days, otherwise 15 days waiting.

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