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Reference -PROBOIS2.5L
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Microporous gloss paint based on alkyd resin in solvent phase.


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Description of the microporous gloss paint based on alkyd resin in solvent phase : 

  • For interior and exterior use for the protection and decoration of prepared wood and wood products, bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition.
  • Do not apply to western red cedar or to wood exuding anti-oxidant oils such as Iroko or Padouk.

Strong points of the glossy microporous paint based on alkyd resin in solvent phase : 


  • Filling
  • Balances flexibility and hardness of the film
  • Glossy

Application of solvent-based alkyd resin glossy microporous paint : 

  • The substrates must comply with the relevant DTU regulations, in particular DTU 59.1. 
  • Prior recognition is necessary in order to determine the most suitable preparation for their condition and nature (cleaning, washing/rinsing, sanding, scraping, degreasing, dusting, etc.). 


  • In general, after preparation, the surfaces must be sound, cohesive, clean, dry (less than 18% humidity by mass in solid wood, and less than 10-12% for particle-based derivatives), before receiving a coat of WOOD PAINT diluted with 10% white spirit, then 2 coats of WOOD PAINT.


  • On wood and wood-based products, coated with old paint in good general condition, preparation, in particular by washing, rinsing, decontamination, drying and matting of the existing paint, before applying 2 coats of WOOD PAINT.


  • Grey wood will be treated by applying a degreaser. Non-adherent paint will be removed by sanding. Elements that are too deteriorated (severe cracks, crazing, rotting, fungi, etc.) and do not allow for a lasting treatment will be replaced. The joinery will be put into play in order to avoid stress zones and the water discharges at the door and window thresholds will be protected from stagnant water and blows by using suitable materials. Ensure that the cladding is installed 15-20cm from the ground to avoid capillary rise at the foot of the façade. It is recommended to apply an additional coat of finish on all horizontal parts exposed to the exterior.
  • On new wood with fatty constituents (doussie, merbau, teak, etc.) and resinous wood (pine, fir, spruce, larch, etc.), degrease and clean beforehand with non-greasy cellulose thinner. Resin exudation must be considered a natural characteristic of softwoods and therefore cannot be disputed. In new construction, this problem can only be reduced by drying the wood to a temperature of at least 60°C.
  • On wood with an irregular grain and a tendency to fluff (belinga, dabema, bossé, kosipo, merbau, sapelli), sand and smooth carefully between each coat.

Yield of the glossy microporous paint based on alkyd resin in solvent phase : 

  • 10 to 12 m² / L / coat 

Packaging of Solvent-borne Alkyd Resin Microporous Gloss Paint : 

  • 2.5L bucket
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