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Mastic high power turbo blanc 290ml
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Mastic high power turbo blanc 290ml

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White turbo high power putty 290ml, packaged in 25 units.

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Description of Mastic high power turbo white 290 ml : 



EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO is a high viscosity, high modulus, one-component elastomeric putty based on a new generation polymer. EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO has good adhesive properties, high immediate setting and fast skin formation time. Good mechanical properties, powerful bonding. After application, it cures with air or substrate moisture to form a flexible joint with high peel strength.  


Instructions for use of Mastic high power turbo white 290 ml : 



  • Substrate preparation : 

The substrates to be joined must be clean, flat, dry, free of dust, grease or other pollutants that could interfere with the bonding. If the substrates need to be cleaned, use EMFINET 683, methyl ethyl ketone (MEC), acetone or the degreaser SAPOCOL GR 1001. For materials sensitive to ketones, use EMFINET 688/1 or ethanol. Check their compatibility with substrates. If necessary, apply a primer - consult our technical department. It is recommended to strip the concrete, especially cement laitance, with a wire brush and then remove dust. If necessary, sand metal surfaces (especially in the presence of oxidation). After sanding, clean them again with a solvent, observing an evaporation time of 10 minutes.  


  • Application : 

EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO is applied in beads using a manual, pneumatic or electric gun. Press strongly for at least 3 seconds. Depending on the dimensions and weight of the elements to be glued, a longer pressing time or a mechanical holding before polymerization may be necessary. This product must be used within 24 hours after opening the cartridge, otherwise the sealant may polymerize. Recommended application temperature between 5 and 35°C. During polymerisation, avoid contact with uncured polyurethanes.


  • Cleaning : 

Clean tools with EMFINET 683, methyl ethyl ketone or acetone solution or with an EMFICLEAN AL wipe before curing the sealant. After curing, abrasion is necessary. For hand cleaning, use EMFICLEAN AL Wipes. 

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