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Light load dowel
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ISODEPORT CL50, box of 50 units

Reference -ID50
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PVC spiral dowel is suitable for fixing light elements (letterboxes, external lighting,...) in insulating panels (PSE, PU, rock wool,...) coated, uncoated. Dim 50 mm

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Dimension : Diameter 18 mm / Length 50 mm


Features :


Suitable for fixing light elements (letterboxes, outdoor lighting, motion detectors, doorbells, house numbers, insulating panels (PSE, PU, rock wool,...) coated and uncoated




   - Allows simple, fast and durable assembly with standard tools 

   - Installation without pre-drilling flush with the insulation

   - Considerable time reduction 

   - Avoids heat loss without damaging the insulation 

   - Fixes in the insulation, without creating a thermal bridge




   - The ID pin must not be shortened under any circumstances 

   - The special thread of the dowel is screwed in by locking it flush with the insulation 

   - The element is fixed with a 4.00 mm diameter (ID-50) and diameter (ID-85)

   - In order to prevent water infiltration into the insulation, the edges of the fastener must be sealed after flush mounting to the dowel 

   - ID-50 can be fixed in thin insulating panels from 50mm with a supported load of 5 to 9 kg and ID-85 can be used on thicker panels and can support loads from 8 to 14 kg. 


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