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Dowel GECKO U8
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Dowel GECKO U8, box of 150 units.

Reference -GKO-U8
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A single GECKO dowel for any insulation thickness from 100 mm to 400 mm, suitable for all types of insulation (EPS, XPS, PU,...)
Each pin is sold with its cap

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 - A single dowel for all insulation thicknesses from 100 mm to 400 mm, allowing storage optimization and availability at all times.


 - Suitable for all common types of insulation (EPS, XPS, PU, mineral wool, phenolic resin).


 - Only one mounting tool adjustable in steps for all thicknesses up to 400 mm.


 - ATE (European Technical Approval) for material classes A, B, C, C, D, and E.


 - Innovative 30 mm spacing zone for perfect stability in all types of materials. 


 - Fast and easy to assemble. 


 - 100% safety and installation control thanks to the 2-step technique. 


 - No more dowel marks under the finish since the dowel is embedded in the insulation.


 - The lowest Chi thermal coefficient on the market for dowels with metal screws - without thermal bridges (X= 0.000 W/K) from 100 mm thick insulation.


 - Suitable for doubling insulating layers, allows tolerance compensation up to 190 mm.


 - The helical rosette allows the pin to be pulled into the insulation and the screw to be anchored in the support, leaving a barely visible mark on the surface.


 - The drilling opening and closing with PU foam or a specially adapted polystyrene plug.

(ref: GKO-POLY).


- Perfect finishing and filling of boreholes with GKO-POLY polystyrene caps



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