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Disposable Type 1 Protective Mask
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Disposable Type 1 Protective Mask

Reference -MAS0102
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Non-medical single-use mask for type 1 facial protection.

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Non-medical face protection mask, type 1, single use.

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Type 1 Mask Certification :

Non-medical single-use mask of type 1 facial protection meeting the standards : NF EN 14683




Characteristic of mask type 1: 

  • Single-use breathing protection mask, consisting of a surface layer, a middle layer and a lower layer.
  • Elastic strap for good support and fit of a polypropylene nose pad which can be folded and shaped.
  • Disposable mask covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw to block inhalable particles, bacteria, industrial dust, smoke, pollen. 


Application of the mask type 1 :


  1. Make sure the inner packaging is in good condition.
  2. Apply a mask to your nose and mouth.
  3. Attach the two earrings around your ears. 
  4. Pinch the nose to confine your nose.
  5. Make sure that the mask dries well to the shape of the face. 


Precaution & environment of the mask type 1 :

  • The mask should not be placed in a waiting position on the forehead or under the chin during and after use.
  • Do not put the mask back on if it has been removed from the face. 
  • Recommended duration of use: Maximum 4 hours.
  • This is a single use product, please do not reuse it.
  • Do not use damaged or expired products.
  • Packaged masks should be stored in a clean, cool environment with relative humidity below 85%, storage temperature below 40°C.
  • After use, please comply with regulations on medical waste management or environmental protection equipment.


Conditioning of the mask type 1 :

  • 1 carton = 1000 masks 



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